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  • Ubicación Cali
  • Idiomas de traducción Alemán a Español
    Portugués a Español
  • Traducciones completadas 2
  • Biografía Licenciado en lenguas extranjeras inglés, francés y portugués con formación teórica, conceptual, investigativa y práctica. Un profesional integral, autónomo y creativo de excelente nivel académico, con capacidad de dar una adecuada traducción en lenguas extranjeras, además de revisión de trabajos , corrección de textos y tareas en lengua extranjera y economía.
  • Ubicación Aguascalientes
  • Idiomas de traducción Inglés a Español
  • Traducciones completadas 0
  • Biografía I am a professional translator with seven years of experience. My passion for translation began twelve years ago when I was a college freshman. I was a student at Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes. Originally, I had planned to major in English Language Teaching and specialize in education research; however, by the spring semester of my freshmen year, I changed my decision. A group of psychology majors approached me and asked me to translate several articles for them. I had never translated anything, but I accepted the challenge. I must admit it was very difficult, but I worked assiduously to deliver a top-quality translation in a timely manner. The psychology students were not only pleased with my work, but they also recommended me as a translator to other students and teachers who needed this service. It was then that I decided to change my area of specialization from education research to translation studies. I continued to provide translation services for students, teachers and others at the university until I graduated, although I do not consider this as professional experience. Upon graduating I moved to Puerto Vallarta where I worked at a real estate company. This is when I truly began to work professionally as a translator. I was finally able to apply everything I had learned while in college. At the real estate company I was in charge of administrative activities; however, my main activity involved translating legal documents (e.g. contracts, lease agreements, etc.). After a year I returned to Aguascalientes where I joined the S&C Electric Company team as a technical translator. It is worth mentioning that in addition to my full-time job, I continued to do freelance work as well. In 2009, I made one of the most important decisions in my life. By that time I had started working with a translation agency on a freelance basis and also provided translation services for several direct clients. Therefore, I decided to work as a freelancer only. This may have been a bold move because freelancers always face uncertainty, but it proved to be an excellent decision. It gave me the opportunity to obtain new clients and become an experienced translator in fields that were unknown to me. Throughout my career, I have translated a myriad of texts pertaining to various topics. However, the bulk of the translation work I have done is associated with the following fields: legal, human resources and finance/accounting. I hope this brief description gives you some insight with regard to my educational background and professional experience.
  • Ubicación Tijuana, Baja California
  • Idiomas de traducción Inglés a Español
  • Traducciones completadas
  • Biografía Hello. I am a native Spanish speaker with a degree in Translation. I have been living on the border with the US my whole life, so English is part of my everyday life as much as Spanish. I am very detail oriented and always strive for perfection. I can guarantee that I will work my hardest to convey your message in a natural way and in a short time.
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